Welcome to Continental Battery Systems

A Legacy of Integrity

Continental Battery Systems has a legacy of enduring relationships founded on integrity and commitment. Maintaining its vast network of partnerships, while growing its customer base puts Continental Battery Systems at the leading edge of its industry. For nearly a century, what started out as a one-man show has burgeoned into a respected, well-recognized presence in the marketplace.

Timeless Quality

The Continental Battery Systems brand is a name that resonates quality. Distributors and customers alike are testament to this. Our products consistently exceed first-class quality, and when coupled with our people-centric customer service -- the value is unmatched.

Trust that Comes Full Circle

Within the many, varied communities that Continental Battery Systems serves throughout the U.S., there exists a solid reputation, resolutely built on trust. Local Continental Battery Systems distributors know and trust the products they provide to their customers; likewise, their satisfied customers return to the quality brand they know and trust.

Our Mission

Working together for better renewable solutions that deliver reliable power to our communities.